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Review: The Cheerleader by Kara Thomas

The CheerleadersThe Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoyed The Cheerleaders so much. If you’ve ever read a book by the talented Kara Thomas, then you know she is a master at her ability to build up such an intricate world for her characters with so many twists and turns you can’t put the book down until you know who sis it.

Monica’s sister was the last to die. Having supposedly killed herself after her circle of cheer leading friends had died. It started with a car wreck on a rainy night. Two more cheerleaders were brutally murdered during a sleep over. The cheer leading squad was disbanded shortly after.

It’s been 5 years and Monica wants answers. She never believed that her sister would ever kill her. After a quick peek into her police offer stepfathers desk she is left with more questions than before.

“You can’t believe everything you hear though. Girls are always whittling little weapons to stab each other with.” – Carly

Monica will risk it everything including her friends, family and the dance squad to find justice for her sister and her group of friends. But where her search takes her she will never believe it.

Perfect for those who enjoy a good who dun it.

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Review Broken Thing by Lauren Oliver

Broken ThingsBroken Things by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book through Edelweis in return for an honest review.

Broken Things by Lauren Oliver for me was mind blowing. Trust me, go buy this book right now….No, seriously. Now.

Those who have read anything by the phenomenal Lauren Oliver know’s that her ability to spin a tale that not only pulls you in, but always leaves you wanting more. Broken Things is no exception.

It’s been 5 years since Summer Marks was murdered, Everyone thinks her best friends Mia and Brynn killed her, there obsession with a little know novel The way to Lovelorn at the root of their basis for her murder. Their game of make believe turned to murder.

Brynn thought she had found the perfect way to avoid a horrible chapter in her life inside the walls of treatment centers for a drug addictions she does not have. All that changes when a hurricane floods the roads leading to the treatment facility and she finds herself without her monthly drop off specimen. Things go from worse to critical when she finds that her friend from the past Mia came looking for her and she wants to talk about Summer.

Oliver weaves her story between current day, the events of 5 years ago and excerpts from The Way into Lovelorn. The result is lyrically romantic and devastating. Capturing those moments of adolescence when nothing was more loved then their best friends. Worth every bit of the 5 stars I am awarding it.

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Review: Let’s Dance A Waltz Vol. 1 by Natsumi Ando

Let's Dance a Waltz 1Let’s Dance a Waltz 1 by Natsumi Ando

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Although I greatly enjoyed the other works of Natsumi Ando, Let’s Dance A Waltz fell a little short for me. The story centers around students Tango and Himé. Tango loves to dance and work in the familys dance studio, but at school he doesn’t want anyone to know about his ballroom dance skills and hides them from his classmates. Himé is homely and with a name like ‘Princess’ she is met with plenty of cruel mocking from her classmates. When she stumbles across a dance studio that assures her she can be as pretty as the dance in their advertisement she signs right up, only to be teamed with Tango.

The ugly duckling story continues as Himé struggles to win over Tango only to be rejected by him. However, Tango’s brother and partner see real talent in Himé and do what they can to bring her and Tango together as dance partners.

It is cute and enjoyable. Worth reading at least once. I give it 4 stars.

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Review: xxxHolic Vol. 9

xxxHolic, Vol. 9  (xxxHOLiC, #9)xxxHolic, Vol. 9 by CLAMP

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

xxxHolic volume 9 is all about dreams and the powers they hold. Watanuki unwittingly become a dream buyer when he offers madeleines to Himawari while discussing their New Year dreams.Through those madeleines he unknowingly buys Dômeki’s dream as well. After dreaming through their dreams Watanuki seeks out a dream buyer in hopes of ridding himself of the dream only to find that it is very valuable. In exchange for Watanuki’s dream the dream buyer gives him several dreams he has been raising that will bring the dreamer good luck. Through these Watanuki meets Dômeki’s grandfather, as well as a young medium.
As always a pleasure to read. Worth so much more than 5 stars.

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Review: Hide and Shriek by Alison Hughes

Hide and ShriekHide and Shriek by Alison Hughes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I hate to admit it but I really enjoyed Hide and Shriek. The simple premise was made creepy and exhilirating by Alison Hughes writing. Told through Emily as she is chased and terrorized along with her sister Tess, along with neighbors Cam and Dylan. What was to be their regular Friday night game of Hide and Seek turned in to a night of survival when the group of teens decide to break a city wide curfew to to go to the local creek. There they are witness to a crime that changes the outcome of their once playful game.

Hughes builds upon the anxiety and terror by creating just enough diversion and unease that you do take time to consider what will happen next. However, I was so into and invested in Emily crazy journey that I was blindsided at the ending. I was prepared to give this title 5 stars, but changed that with how abrupt the ending was. I sucked every bit of emotion that I was feeling out of me like a sharp jab to the ribs. The story to me feels incomplete and unfinished.

Over all it is a great thrill ride read, but needs just a little more for me.

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Review: Takane and Hana Vol.3

高嶺と花 3 (Takane to Hana #3)高嶺と花 3 by Yuki Shiwasu

I received a review copy from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Takane and Hana is a cute series. I have enjoyed it from the beginning. I employees your usual shoujo romance manga themes, nut it is done is such a cute way that you can’t help but to enjoy it. Some truely laugh out loud moments and one liners. Hana is a loud, opinionated, and not scared to stand up for herself especially when it comes to Takane. Super cute and enjoyable.

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