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Takane & Hana vol. 1 review

Takane & Hana, Vol. 1Takane & Hana, Vol. 1 by Yuki Shiwasu

Takane & Hana is very much similar to the whole arranged marriage/ opposites attract story line. However, it is still fun and keeps it fresh.
Hana finds herself at an arranged marriage meeting for her father’s employer The Takaba Group. She is there not because she was invited but because she is standing in for her older sister Yukari. Though the meeting doesn’t come off without a hitch Hana finds herself persued by the heir of the Takaba Group – Takane and he has plans for her.

I know it’s an old and over used troupe of shoujo manga, but God love me I dig this stuff and I will be waiting for my preordered copy of Takane & Hana vol. 2 to come in the mail.

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The Dating Debate review

The Dating Debate (Dating Dilemmas, #1)The Dating Debate by Chris Cannon

Nina is the hippie chick, hugging, argumentative bookworm to West her landlords son.

West is the reluctant neighbor who is pulled into Nina’s world by a simple dinner invite for fried rice. He didn’t realize a harmless invite over dinner to the Valentine’s Day dance would lead to concrete plan with Nina. He would do anything to get out of that date even if that meant pushing Nina away. But West has deeper secret then a hatred of dances to protect. Nina will do anything to make him keep his word.

Arguments and laughs ensue as they slow confide in each other and make plans for their un-valentine’s date. Until Nina learns West’s real secret. West struggles with Nina knowing his secret, while Nina struggles with West’s cruel words. Can give and take bring them back together?

I really enjoyed The Dating Debate. All the arguing between Nina and West were for the most part funny, while at times serious. They showed their growth as characters throughout the story. It also helped to keep the story interesting and moving forward.

Definitely would recommend. Funny, quick read.

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